Tuesday 12 May 2009


The weather is cooperating, it's very cool. I have been wearing wool socks for the past 3 days which has helped me beat the dreaded second sock sydrome. Here it is, ta da . . .
A second sock past the ribbing and into the swirl. Ah, feels good. And you won't believe this but I have even WRITTEN IT ALL DOWN. Yes, I know, hard to believe but it's true. I am now checking it twice. One whole pattern done in a couple of, I don't know, weeks?! It wasn't all smooth sailing. I'm trying to forget about this part.
Yes, that was a low point. But now we have one sock done.

Soon to be joined by it's mate. They mate for life you know, like swans.


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  1. MMmmmmmmm pretty! I like the swirl a lot. :) I finally finished the second sock that has been partly done for months, and knit a whole pair of short socks last week!!!!! It's some kind of record for me! :) samm


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