Monday 28 February 2011

We have finally started doing some knitting for the new baby book. Yay. This is one of the Basic Cardigans in Heavy Worsted weight yarn. I'm laying them out to be blocked.
We have quickly moved on to some variations.
The Blue Jean sweater in regular worsted weight yarn. An easy variation.

And a very nice cabled cardigan in worsted weight yarn.
With the pattern on both front and back. We are working on a bunch more.

We've made good headway the last couple of days and 36 pages of the book are written up. Whew. I think I can see the end now. The sweaters should be coming off the needles at an alarming rate. I finished the sleeves on all of these today and tomorrow I'll start another one. But I need to get some more yarn for a boy's sweater. Onward.


  1. They all look AWESOME. I am on the sleeves of the Checkerboard and have cast on for the Squiggle. They both should be finished by Wed. a.m.

  2. I'd like to make the cabled design for a gift. Wondering how big this set of patterns will go? The baby was born last Sept.


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