Thursday 18 October 2007

Baltimore and Back

We hit the Baltimore Stitches East show and it was a blast.

Before the action it looks like this.

Booth is in readiness.

Then the knitters start to come in: And some lovely Cabin Fever models arrived.

This is Gayle wearing her Braids Cardigan in a lovely periwinke blue cotton.

Say hello to Annette in her green Lace Checks Shell, one of the two she has knit for herself. She loves it.

And Sarah is wearing her purple Lacey Vee cardigan with all over lace boxes, a modification to the original pattern. Well done.

I love to see knitters wearing their Cabin Fever sweaters.It keeps me coming back for more. We came home with lots of new ideas and a list of knitting to be done.

Also to a shift in the weather. The hand knit socks are on my feet and I'm glad to be curling again. I could do without the soreness of the first week though! It doesn't seem to get any easier year after year but we are back out there throwing rocks, sweeping, yelling and having a great time. (You might be guessing that we won our game today and you would be right. Yes!)

Here is Sarah in her purple Lacey Vee Cardigan with all over lace boxes. A logical and attractive modification to the pattern.
Well done ladies. I love it.

See you next year,

- Deb

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  1. I enjoyed meeting both of you at Stitches East. You have clever ideas that produce beautiful results. I'm working on a J-Cardigan right now.


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