Monday 29 October 2007


I had a very restful weekend and I have Roger's Cable to thank for it. On Thursday they put TV cable through to my neighbour and cut through my telephone line. No phone, no internet, very quiet. I am now reconnected and ready to go.

My last post was completely bogus. I talked about UFO's and maybe finishing something soon. And that's why I started something new and I don't feel bad at all. All those UFO's are still there and they are pretty happy with their state of unfinishedness. I checked and they seem fairly restful and may be ruminating on things knitterly as they sit in their baskets and knitting bags. They are on pause, in a zen state, checked out and I am enjoying it.

I started a classic Top Down pullover with my crewneck shaping in a finished sweater measurement of 36". Way too small for me but I am trying to respond to requests for teen and small adult sizing. So this pattern will be for finished measurements of 32" - 38". And I think I will put in a ribbed variation for a classic boy style.

This is a very basic sweater. I have the Take It From The Top sweater in Aran weight (same basic style Cabin Fever pattern #602) and I wear it about 4 days a week for 8 months of the year and have for the last 6 years. It's the sweater I throw on to curl, to run around town, to wear with my jeans, to go to the shop. In fact it's starting to show wear so I might just knit it over again for another 6 years (in red this time with a cable down the front?). Might be time for a variation or two on this one too.

I am sticking with this one until it is finished. Only the sleeves to go and I am enjoying knitting it. I am going to try using 2 circulars to work the sleeves. I have tried this before but since I don't mind using double pointed needles at all, found it a bit finicky and switched back. I think I didn't give it enough of a try and it would cut down on the number of knitting needles I would have to carry around for a project if I could eliminate the double points. Double points being so heavy and cumbersome to carry! Not much of a reason now that I think of it. A new technique is worth learning and mastering just for the choice it gives you. That's my new reason. Whew a close call there.


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