Thursday 4 October 2007

Now Where Was I

I'm back and trying to pick up the pieces. I'm painting my living room and it's a mess. At the shop I'm teaching 2 afternoon classes a week and I went to 2 guild meetings this week. That's where the time has gone.
It seems like I have done very little designing and I have to get back to finishing up some projects. My socks want to be knit starting at the side seam. Is this totally weird? I don't know. But every time I pick them up I start at the centre back, knit to the side and then say OK here we go. So these are going to be written from the side and we'll see what happens. My fingering lace socks are finished but I'm going to do them in another colour for the photograph and final writing.
I redid the lace sock in DK Wellington Fibres 60/40 mohair/wool and they feel very luxurious on. They'll be house socks for the winter. And now I must get it down in writing.

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