Tuesday 2 October 2007

Thanks Houston.

"We knit in Houston", Vicki wanted me to tell you that. I saw lots of evidence too.

Although it was very hot to me (91 degrees - if that was here in Ontario we would all be warned to stay at home) but it's business as usual in Houston. Several knitters were wearing wool socks which totally surprised me. We all wore sweaters in class because of the air conditioning and one of their guild projects recently was a shawl and I saw several beautiful ones being worn.

Here they are with their scaled down sample top downs and one on a doll. Terrific.

Vicki was my welcoming committee and started off my weekend with wonderful stories of their group. Betsy and Judy wined and dined me and we had a marvelous time.

Mary Lee and Amy are the retreat coordinators, past and present. Thanks for inviting me and everything went smoothly due to Amy's hard work. And I met Kaki Gemmell - can you believe that! We figure somewhere we must be related - so nice to meet you cuz.
And Laura gave me a great idea for putting darts in a vest and now this project has jumped into my project bag and I'm casting on today.

It was a terrific group and lots of very interesting questions came up in class which was wonderful. An engaging and friendly group. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks to everyone.

And if you make a top down send me a photo and we'll put it on the bragging board.


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  1. Hi Deb!

    So nice to see our pictures on your website. And the class was so much fun.

    Now, I want to knit a vest, like the child's pattern you have on the website. Can you give me some advice about sizing it up for me?

    I'm planning on using some tweedy aran (Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran) which I found to be too bulky for the scarf I originally bought it for.



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