Monday 22 October 2007

UFO October 07

It's time once again to check what has piled up, been put aside and stuffed away in a corner. The Daily Knitter (Interweave) has done a survey of unfinished objects and I thought I should probably check out mine.

Here is the list:

Remake of the New Zealand sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Collar to pick up and knit. I like this one and I think once the major changes had been made I put it down.

Pink tank top which I don't like now, it's also too big. Cut it and resew to fit or Toss?

Socks: 4 second socks to make. This is not a hardship it just takes having them in my face.

One Toe-Up lace sock pattern to write up. Can't decide how to finish the last inch at the top. I have knit 5 socks to this point, all on needles in my bag, all need to be finished. Time to make a decision.

As I look around the room I see a shawl I have done about 8" on. I liked it but got distracted by the socks.
Another shawl I started with lace weight. Had a hard time getting used to that so doubled it up and started again. Still not getting anywhere. Take that one out. I shouldn't waste lace weight wool.

2 Hats with new wool/cotton blend. The wool says worsted but I wonder how it would be knit to DK gauge. Can I change needles mid-stream? Hmm.

There is also a bag with dishcloth cotton in it. There will be at least one dishcloth on the go in there.

I am now working on V-neck shaping with my new method from the Button Up Your Top Down book. They are samples and therefore not supposed to be sweaters but if I don't keep at it and work out the formula I'm looking for that would count as a UFO.

I knit the Falling Leaves out of Button Up book and it still needs 4 buttons.

The purple and lime green striped sweater I started last winter for my son. Still languishing. This year it will see snow. He still wants it but now with a hood and a zipper. Yes that can all be done but that may be why it's still in that basket over in the corner. I'm not going to look underneath it either.

Well, that puts me at about 17. I suspect I have overlooked a sock or two. There is also a long To Do list that I can't get out of my head. Work out a tweeny pattern for a top down pullover. Another sample of the Tiny Top Down in a boy colour. Knit a sample of the garter stitch, multidirectional Jwalker coat (resizing of the Baby J).

I guess I should stop writing and pick up one of these projects and finish something. Sigh.

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