Thursday 20 December 2007

Anatomical Mitten

This mitten is the result of a conversation with Cynthia MacDougall who is the editor and owner of the Knit Together publication of the Canadian Guild of Knitters at our Guild meeting last night. Between munching on Christmas goodies we discussed "The mitten that is shaped like your hand". I'm sure it's been done before but not by me so it was an interesting exercise.

I used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride with 3.75mm needles and I'm getting 5 sts to the inch.
Starting at the top with Cast On of 8 sts. Divide onto 4 needles and working in the round, increase in the first stitch of every needle (using Knit into front and back of same stitch) until you have 10 sts on every needle (40 sts total). Knit every round until you have reached the crotch of your palm and thumb.

Cast On 4 sts for the thumb (I used the yarn from the other end of the ball and 3 extra needles). Increase (using Kf/b above) in every stitch - 8 sts. Divide onto needles (I only had 2 so had thumb sts on 2 needle and knit with third needle) and increase (as before) in the first stitch of each of 4 sections of thumb until you have 16 sts total. Knit every round until 1/2" above crotch of thumb and palm. Increase 2 sts - 18 sts, knit every round until thumb is long enough.

Leave 4 sts from palm and 4 sts from thumb to be grafted together later.
Knit across the outside of the thumb (14 sts) across the palm (16 sts) and across the back (20 sts). Work 13 sts of thumb, work an SSK (last st of thumb and first st of palm) Every Round until you have 19 sts across the palm (thumb sts which remain at 14 sts + 5 palm sts). Work 4 round even on the 39 sts.
Decrease 5 sts evenly and knit every round for the cuff (as long as you wish). I haven't finished here but it's a very cool mitten.
Now I am going to work it from the bottom-up because I think it will be EASIER.
Did you catch the dancing needles in the bottom photo. The joys of photographing with a mitten on!

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