Saturday 15 December 2007

Knitting Merrily Along

I finished the bottom border on the wool/hemp (from Hemp for Knitting) and am very happy with it. It's definitely coming along. I have both sleeves to do with long lace cuffs. This is my latest Top Down formulating the deeper V-Neck but you won't really get a good feel for it until I try it on so hang on while I get these sleeves finished.

The excitement at our house of late is that my husband, paul, preformed his Donnelly Project on the Friday and Saturday evenings of the first weekend of December to a sold out crowd. This is a house concert setting where we put 30 people in a living room for a cozy, up close and personal concert. The evening was a live recording of stories (written by Sue) and songs (written by paul) to tell the story of the reign of terror and ultimate end of the Donnelly family in the 1800's. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there will be a CD. Most exciting. That's my guy behind the mike and Sue the story teller in the left corner.

I pulled out my box of disaster projects and found a shawl that had been banished to the box for bad behaviour but could now be reworked into a shawl I could use. Our house is cold and drafty and I was in desperate need of some warm covering so I could knit in the evenings. I didn't waste any time in rewinding the wool or washing and straightening out the kinks I just undid the cast on and started. This shawl is not going outside my house. It was a wonderful project and my first Faroe shawl. It is the Fenna shawl from Stahman's Shawls & Scarves book by Myrna Stahman. It is Top Down with shoulder shaping so it sits well and doesn't slide off your shoulders. It needs a brooch or tie to keep it closed and I'm toasty and warm.

Just to keep you posted on the Non-Knitting Christmas, I have not given in to guilt and am still fairly stress-free.


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