Thursday 6 December 2007

I Got Nothing

I have a severe case of the tizzy's. I'm spinning around and around and accomplishing nothing. I finished my socks, yay! The pattern has been sent off to the pattern checker along with the Top Down for Tweenys. The sweaters are at the photographers and the socks are washed and waiting to go too. They got left behind and can't wait to be the glamour queens for a day. It's that restless time when one project is finished and I want to start 5 more but that's always a mistake so I'm trying a new thing - work on one project at a time. It's never worked before but...

The V-Neck Top Down in wool/hemp is progressing but the picture I took is lame. Oh alright I'll show you anyway. This is a tunic with side vents and this shows the back with the bottom edging finished. As of this afternoon I finished the front edging and progress is being made on the sleeves. (This sweater is really not pink. It is really a red/burgundy. And it's not fuzzy either.)

My goal to to wear this tunic at a Christmas party on Friday Dec. 21. Lots of time. I could start maybe one or two other small things like a hat or mittens or finish that second sock I've been carrying around since the beginning of November. This sweater is not the project to carry around anymore since it's getting large. Is this sounding familiar to anyone but me?
I pledge to work on the sleeves of this sweater as my major project until it is finished.


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