Monday 10 December 2007


I am going on record to say that "I am not knitting for Christmas this year !"

I feel so free now. No panic, no knitting Christmas Eve, no wondering if this is at all to the liking of the recipients - are they just saying they like it?, no wondering about fit or colour choice or ... Well, you all know exactly how this goes. This is a major sigh of relief for me. I do have one or two things stock piled, actually exactly 3 things, which will be gifted away. I can't believe what a burden off my shoulders this is.

I am going to work a bit on my house - paint, throw some more stuff out, move my 2 bookcases of knitting books to my office/garage, fix up my daughter's room since it's stuffed full (she's coming home this weekend). I am going to enjoy reading blogs of hysterical knitters counting down to the big day (I am NOT going to feel guilty - OK maybe a little bit, but I will not pick up my needles for the last minute quick little something). I might even bake some cookies this year since I won't be knitting for Christmas. I will still be knitting, of course, but I am going to knit some projects designed by other people which, for me, is a relief in itself.

So my best wishes go out to you, Christmas knitters, I hope you make the deadline without loosing too much sleep.


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  1. I'm not knitting for Christmas, either! However, I've been doing a lot of hats for birthdays that fall right around Christmas. It is really a relief not to be knitting madly trying to finish things. Looking forward to your new patterns coming up for sale.


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