Friday 28 December 2007

I Cheated

Yes, I'm admitting it now. I cheated on the 'no knitting for Christmas'. I was so close to making it a no knit Christmas but I fell at the last moment.

My daughter has had the same boyfriend for a year and so I thought that if he is going to be around for awhile (??) I should initiate him into the knitted Christmas presents from the beginning of the giving. So I knit him a black scarf which got washed and was almost dry when it got put into the gift bag and delivered. It was such a quick turn around that I failed to get a photo. Although black is notoriously bad for photos anyway, all you would have seen is a scarf-like strip of black knitting, close your eyes and imagine, it's as good as the photo I could have gotten. It even had some yarn overs in it just to stretch his knitting appreciation and keep me awake during the knitting.

Why is a scarf the first project knitters are given to make? They are boring. I am thoroughly convinced that the first project should be a felted bag. The felting makes all the boo-boos disappear, you get lots of round and round knitting practice, it might be usable, it doesn't have to fit anyone, it is not destroyed if you don't follow the directions to the letter and you can always cut it up and resew it if it is so far from a purse that you can't imagine that the instructions had anything to do with the finished product.

This is my scarf frustration coming out. My scarf was very nice but knitting to deadline does take some of the pleasure away. I'm glad I did it and I hope he liked it. And I didn't even say 'this is just the beginning...' in an ominous voice. My daughter probably already has.

- Deb

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  1. Ah Hah!!! I knew you couldn't do it. Knit Christmas Gifts that is. Gotcha!!!! MBK


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