Saturday 19 July 2008

Back to Knitting

I've not been doing too much knitting the last couple of weeks for some reason. The heat? Being on holiday? Catching up at the office from holiday? Working on the baby booklet? Who knows. But here's the shawl I want to finish up this weekend. I want to have shawls as a "feature" of the show in August in Schaumburg (spelling?) in IL in August so need to have a few more done.
The shawl is Deb's #079 - Side to Side shawl and it's very clever and cool to knit as you start at the left hand point and finish up at the right! The yarn is a yummy hand-painted silk from our friend Caroline of I have arranged with Paul Fogerty, the glass artist, to make up some iridescent fused glass shawl pins to match. I can't wait to see the two together.
And for those of you waiting for the baby booklet, I took it into the printer's on Monday. Of course then we decided to add another bit so I revised it and took it (again) to the printer's on Tuesday. Yesterday I checked the proof's and it will "go to press" this week. I'm hoping that we'll have it back early the following week.
Well, must run as I'm off sailing in a race (keel boat) with Sophy's husband and Dad. We raced on Wednesday night and came dead last ... good excuse though as we had a few technical problems. Really. We did! :) Hope we do a little better today.

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