Monday 28 July 2008

Knit, do other stuff, knit.

These are some knitting stix that Alana B (see sidebar) has made up for me as a prototype. I'll pass them by Lynda today but I'm pretty sure we are going to order some made up. They are sterling silver, light and perfect to close a shawl or sweater. We talked about making some sort of stix a couple of weeks ago and here they are, quite exciting. Do you like these?

And yay, I am making progress on my sample of the Summer Braids (
I finished the Back at a party on Saturday night and am now motoring up one of the Fronts. It was a women's night so not so strange to have a knitter in the group although I am the only one who pulls their knitting out at all times and keeps at it even after a couple of drinks. There was a different mix of women at this get-together and it brings home to me that my knitting is entirely accepted by my friends but is looked upon as an odd activity by other people. This doesn't deter me from pulling it out, I just find I have to explain myself or what usually happens is that my friends explain for me.

I have my knitting buddies where all, some outsiders would say extreme, amounts of knitting behavior is normal. But I have another set of friends where I am the only serious knitter in the crowd. The common thread between all of us is the 'serious' pursuit of creative endeavours as a life style. And we all do this in some different area but the cross over of common experience is still great. I was reading a book on the writer's lifestyle and it so mirrors my own knitting life that it was uncanny. My day, well today for example, will go something like this - get up, think about my blog, get my knitting out and take a picture, make some coffee, write my knitting blog, knit for a bit, go to the shop and count inventory YUCK, read a knitting book over lunch, count some more, go home and knit, eat dinner, knit for the evening. Does this in any way sound familiar to you?



  1. sounds fabulous to me (except maybe the inventory stuff....)

  2. I love the knitting stix ... perfect!


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