Tuesday 29 July 2008

It's almost a sweater

That seems like a good stopping point for today. I always think the sweater is almost done at this point but of course I have the sleeves to do. I am more and more attracted to 3/4 length sleeves, hmmm, I wonder why. But I will persevere and finish these sleeves while watching videos in the evenings. Hopefully done by the end of the week. I also have the sleeves of the green sweater to do too. Lots of K2,P2 knitting ahead of me.
This sweater has set in sleeves. In this pattern I am going to pick up around the vertical edge of the armhole and working back and forth, attach the sleeve to the open underarm stitches as I go, then work round and round to the wrist. Most drop shoulder sweaters look better on women with an inset sleeve. It brings the drop shoulder line of the sleeve up closer to a woman's real shoulder. It also reduces the amount of fabric at the underarm. In most drop shoulder patterns worked in pieces, this is quite easy to do yourself by casting off stitches at the underarm (about 2" worth on each side of Front and again 2" worth at each underarm on the Back). Work your sleeve to the underarm and then knit flat for 2" which will fit into the set-in cast off of the Front and Back. In this sweater which was knit in one piece from the bottom up, all of the underarm stitches were put on spare yarn in one pass (4" worth at each underarm, 2" for the Front and 2" for the Back).
I have a couple of ideas I'd like to try out for more top down sweaters but I MUST finish these 2 sweaters first. I will finish, I will finish, I will finish.

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