Wednesday 9 July 2008


I'm starting to play again and it feels good. I started this because I wanted to play with the wool from my stash. It's Briggs & Little sports weight and I'm knitting at a DK weight. Since it's a singles and pretty strong it is going well at this tension. I also wanted to try wider buttonbands and the ribbed sleeve. Then I thought I would extend the ribbing in a diagonal down the fronts and the centre back.
Just playing to see what happens. I like the ribbed sleeves a lot. I like the V of ribbing in the back. Then I thought I might put a diamond of twisted cables in the back too. I've reached with widest part of the diamond and am doing one fewer twists on each side every 6th row.
I did them on the Fronts too and I am going to continue to work one more twist each time so they'll continue to move toward the side of the cardigan and maybe down into the ribbing of the bottom edge.

Sort of fuzzy but you get the idea. I'm not done yet. I have switched to a smaller needle and am working the ribbing right around to make a cinched-in waist since I am now about 2" above my waistline. We'll see where this takes me. I would like to get a bit of a peplum affect at the back but I don't think that's going to happen. I could keep the twists on the Front moving around the sides and into the Back of the bottom edging. I'll see how far they'll go. I envision large buttons on this. I'll have to find quite light weight ones so they won't pull at the fabric. It may need a much larger flipped over collar too but I can decide later.

Back to it, I'm working on the waist now,



  1. It's good to play again. You have been so busy. The sweater looks great.

  2. It does look great. Love the ribbing in the back - keep us posted!!


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