Wednesday 10 June 2009


I ripped back and redid the last 18 rows of the yoke to the underarm.
Over the last 18 rows I worked 9 Increase rows and on the Fronts only I doubled the increase by increasing 2 sts in the same stitch. This gives me more bust material. It also causes the raglan line to dive under the arm.
You can see that the increase holes closer to the underarm are larger, that's because I worked a knit and a purl into the same stitch - increase of 2 sts instead of one.
That made each of the Fronts 1 1/2" wider to accommodate the bosom. If I measure across the 2 Fronts they measure 3" wider than the Back. I will decrease stitches at the sides as I knit down. I wouldn't be caught anywhere with an abbreviated top like this! Are you asking why I bothered? It occurred to me that if I could work the equivalent of a bust dart, I could make a top down which could fit closer to the body. And I thought a summer top should fit this way. It seems to have worked. I'll have someone else take a photo when it's longer.

Lynda and I are off to TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association show) in Columbus Ohio ( I'll be knitting on my top and I have one other project to get started. We are staying to work the Knitters Connection show ( the following weekend and Shelridge Farm ( is bringing me some newly dyed sock wool to try out while I'm there. I think that's enough to keep me occupied even if no one comes by our booth. Always prepared. The Internet is not always reliable but I'll try to post something during the next couple of weeks. It's going to be a long trip this time. Back around June 24.

Catch up with you then,


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