Monday 1 June 2009

Double Cross

It's done. I have tripled the double cross. What does that make it? I don't think this sock is getting a mate either. Too bad. The thing about being in the 'business' is that most of the knitting we do is not for someone, not me, not Lynda, it's for display only. I usually get some things back after they have toured around for a year. I need this one test knit and I'm not the person to do that so this sock is a single. Sigh. I have other things to get on with. But here it is. It was fun.Me taking photos of my own foot. Where are all the other people who live here when I need them? At work! Yeah, right, a fine excuse!


  1. Love it, and my 20-year-old son does too.

  2. Looks great. Come on Deb, do the second sock.

  3. Deb,
    I'll wear your mismatched sock tests - and happily tell people where to get the pattern too! Seriously. LOVE that sock.


  4. Hay, Jed, I had first dibs on the mismatched single sock thing. :) We could share, maybe... Those are great socks, and I think my hubby would like them too. I do think, Deb, that you should make the second sock. Or give me the yarn and pattern to make it, and keep it, of course! samm


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