Wednesday 3 June 2009


I just uploaded some new patterns to Patternfish and forgot to let you know! Julia usually takes a few days to post new patterns but she was right on it this week. So, my apologies and here's the current status.

I uploaded a new photograph for Deb's Point to Point Shawl:
I posted my Jane Austen Shawls:
Bernice's new preemie to 18 months, 3 in one cardigans called Sam, Sadira & Katie was posted and I expect it to be available in the next day or two:

And I also loaded up Shirl the Purl's "Shirl's Mittlets" so you should be up be up in a day or two as well:

I will be uploading several more (7 more? no, must be 5 as the socks are already on Patternfish) over the coming days and week so I'll keep you posted. My deadline is to have everything posted before we leave for the TNNA show ... will I make it? Now back to updating the catalogue.



  1. Luv the new patterns! I haven't been here for awhile because I had the dreaded carpal tunnel and finally had the surgery on May 13. It will be soooo nice to pick up my knitting needles again!!!

  2. I've already downloaded the Jane Austen shawls. Also, I've written a message to you at your info email. Interested to hear what you think.

  3. They're all beautiful, and those Jane Austen shawls are definitely calling to me. Valerie, you must be itching to get your fingers going on a new project.

  4. Great patterns! I especially love the Jane Austen. I'm all for wearing more lacey/feminine things.
    Do you still have a shop in Orillia? I was there last year and didn't find your shop. We love going there -- such a pretty town and a good place escape from our Texas heat whenever possible.


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