Friday 26 June 2009

I am an extremely bad blogger. Went to the Gateway Fibreworks shop in Gravenhurst, ON where they are setting up an alpaca mill and didn't think to take one picture, not one! I will remedy this in the fall when Gail, the mill owner, assures us it will be up and running. She gave our knitting guild a tour and explained the process. Very, very interesting. They will have a gallery where you will be able to watch the mill working when it's all set up. I did buy some alpaca.
This is lace weight and really soft. The top skein in 100% alpaca in a silver colour and the bottom skein is alpaca and silk in a taupe/silver blend. I'm trying to see if I can work with lace weight. I think most of us have a range of yarn weights we prefer or maybe it's needle sizes we like best but for me lace weight knitting is out of my comfort zone. I've worked my way down to fingering for socks and have not finished anything I have tried at a finer weight. But I am determined not to limit myself to the heavier weights and will be making a scarf with this lovely stuff. Although it does feel awfully nice in the skein just like it is, so easy to pet sitting right there beside my chair.
I had a lovely visit from Ann, vacationing from Florida at her friend Stephanie's place in Port Sidney, ON. They both came down for the afternoon. She has made the Texture Time jacket out of the Top Down for Toddler book and it looks gorgeous. I have always liked this one and it was nice to see it knit up.
As you can see there is little knitting going on here. It's been hot and difficult to knit sans air conditioning. But I am busy lining up projects to start in August when it's a little cooler. For now it's small projects and catching up on some pattern writing.


  1. The alpaca skeins look lovely - can we buy them online yet?

  2. Will enjoy seeing the mill pictures when you get them. My friend, Sue Pufpaff, has a mini-mill near us and it is interesting to see how the different mills work. Hers is much different than Zeilinger's which is also in our state.

  3. Haven't I taught you yet you must always carry a camera with you?! The alpaca skeins look like they'll be fabulous to work with - but I'd be tempted to keep them as pets too :o)


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