Sunday, 7 June 2009


It's rainy and dark and generally yucky here today so please excuse the photo quality.
I'm pretty happy with how the sleeves have turned out. They are approximately 9" across at the shoulder so I only had to work the increases on the sleeves about 8 times to get the total number of sleeve stitches I needed.

Then I kept the sleeves a constant number of stitches as I continued to increase only on the Fronts and Back. Look at how the raglan line changes, interesting. I'm going to rip it back now so that I can experiment with adding more fabric on the Front for the bust. The more I look at these photos though, the more I think I should flip the shapeline so the it's less of an angle at the top and a steeper angle closer to the underarm. Stop, stop, stop, one thing at a time. Rip, add bust fabric and then think about the raglan line. I have a plan.


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