Wednesday 6 January 2010

I need a better word than 'exploratory knitting'. It's trying an idea out, seeing what it does and if I can learn anything more about top down knitting. I guess exploring is a good word for this type of work. Here are some results.
I did a V-neck with the standard rate of increase, one pair of increases at each of the 4 raglan lines every other round ...

right there. Then I thought, what would happen if I worked increases on the sleeve only every other round,

starting there. I didn't add any more stitches to the body at all.

The raglan line straightens out for a bit. I did this until I had the number of stitches I wanted on the sleeve. Then I stopped increasing on the sleeve altogether and increased on the body again. But to make up the stitches I now needed for the body I doubled up the increases for the last bit. I increased on every single round.

It's a bit messy. I need to take a look at some different ways of increasing every round. The raglan line takes a dive towards the underarm which is a terrific thing.

Hmm, in-ter-est-ing. It needs the final fit test which I thought I would try tomorrow. I need to separate the body and sleeves so I can try it on. Will it look totally weird? Probably.
And speaking of oddities, what did I find today on Sophy's desk? The ultimate tool for the femme handiwoman.

Eat your hearts out handy guys. Is this a wicked looking tool or what!


  1. Hmmm, think you need a better word Deb, so I got looking in the thesaurus (and wasted way too much time having fun with words):

    exploratory = investigative, examining, probing, groping (ooops, where did that come from??).

    investigative = analytical, exploratory, undercover - they all sound good?

    Now the word provisional didn't show up but I thought it was a good word: speculative, unconfirmed, open to consideration. Possible.

    speculative = tentative, approximate, rough, exploratory, provisional, definite.

    Now sample didn't come up but that's a word that we use all the time for what we're knitting so

    sample = example, taster, model, trial, illustration, mock-up, section.

    Trial knitting? Taster knitting? Speculative knitting?

    Yes, the wording is tricky!

    - Lyn

  2. That IS a lot of words. I like speculative knitting but that's even longer to type out than exploratory (nope, I'm wrong there,exactly 11 characters in each word). It covers the 'what would happen if ...' approach. paul came up with 'experimental'. How about experiential knitting? What the heck is that when it's at home?


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