Monday 11 January 2010

I'm ready to 'fess up. I have . . . this many projects on the needles.

This one is stalled because I'm not sure I like it. I think I made the overlap on the front too wide.

This one is the speculative knitting which I think I will probably rip out. Or maybe cast off so I have it to refer to. Yes, a much better plan.

Remember this one? I am stuck in a huge 'second sock symdrome' but I think I could get it out now that it's almost brand new again.

The Double Cross sock still needs some work at the top of the ribbing. Sigh.

I'm test knitting the Swirl Sock and carry it around in my purse. It's coming along very slowly because I never think to take it out of my purse!

And this is my current project, the Teen cardigan.

And I wish that was all but there is a shawl that I started somewhere, an angora scarf which sits languishing, and a single sock which needs a mate. So that adds up to 9 projects which I can put my hands on which are in the UFO pile. And they are laying on the floor which I am going to paint this winter or spring or sometime soonish. I am naming January - Begin the Finishing Month - a little work on everything gets everything done, right? Does this really work? How about you?


  1. I used to paint the floor of my craft room to look exactly like yours appears. Colour #1 for a base colour. Then all the leftover paint dribbled all over the floor for colour and to mask the bits of thread and yarn that inevitably fall there.

  2. I am working on the pink striped sock again, after time out for tedddy bears. And I eliminated the brown sock from the UFO pile. Not by finishing it - by frogging it. Sigh.


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