Friday 29 January 2010

We woke up to a double, small 'd', disaster - the internet was out and our car wouldn't start! Now why the internet being out provokes such panic escapes me but it certainly does. It's illogical, we're not cut off from the world. The phone is still working. We have neighbours. We can walk out the door and go to the library and log on. Oh wait, I need to drive to the library and the car won't start. I could go to the shop and check my email there except that's an hour's walk and it's -19 degrees which is of course why the car won't start. We wiggled every connection between the phone and the computer, tried to calm down and wait for the sun to thaw our car. I'm not sure which wiggle worked but eventually the internet kicked back in and by mid-afternoon the car started. So we are back in connection with the world. Phew. And I finished the second sleeve on the Valentine which in the flurry of adrenaline I didn't photograph when the sun was shining (I was directing all available rays at the car).

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  1. I think the internet being out would upset me more than the car not starting - at least until I ran out of groceries. I'm more than an hour walk to the Metro AND the library.
    I finished my pink sock, so more wooly warmth for these cold cold days. And I have the right needles now to continue the JJ sweater past the swatch!


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