Friday 2 November 2007

Changing My Ways

If you read the last post you will note that I decided I would try to use 2 circular needles instead of double points when working the sleeve of the Top Down pullover. You may also note in the photo here that there are no circular needles in sight. Oops.
I believe in trying new ways of doing things so started with the 2 circular needles and I wish I could say I persevered since learning a new technique is not always comfortable but ... I lasted 1"/5cm. I then dug out my dpn's and even though it feels like one of them is one size smaller it's more comfortable for me than the 2 circs.
I like using dpn's. I am competent using dpn's. I like to finish one needle and switch to the next needle and feel like I'm motoring along. I don't get obvious ladders where the needles meet. Is this rationalizing big time? Yes. I tried it and if you hate double points then it's a good option but have I mentioned that I love dpn's? Enough said.

I am now working on a variation on the rolled neck pullover above. Several neck samples later (I have to do one more) I think I have it nailed down. I am going to start the real sweater today in a 32" finished measurement. This is what I would term my "boy" version and I am really liking it. It's more unisex than I thought it might be and I may work one up with the ribbed collar in my own size. We'll see what I think when I get some more done.
These two versions will be in one pattern to cover the tweeny sizes of Teen/Small Adult which have been missing in our pattern line. I have had many requests for the small adult sizes and for the 10-14 year old sizes. This is my answer to those requests. I am beginning the knitting of this version today and have to decide on the bottom edging yet so it's still in production for a bit.
I am going to have a fun weekend. I'm watching my daughter curl on Friday and going to a folk festival to listen to live music with my friends on Saturday. We'll see how much of this pullover I can get done.

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  1. I like dp's, too - would much rather use them than two circs! I love the new sweater - can't wait till it is available as a pattern. My daughter in law is in that size range and I have one grandson soon to be in the size range, too. By the way, I LOVE your new book "Button Up Your Top Down"! Also, it is nice that your blog is on blogspot now instead of whatever it was on before (typepad???) - I could never leave comments on the other one.


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