Friday 23 November 2007

Back to the Socks

I am putting the pullover aside at the moment because I have to get these socks finished up. These are the DK version. I almost always do a DK and fingering versions because they look quite different and I love the speed of the DK socks.

I have come to a decision point once again. Do I work a lace panel up the front or switch to all over lace for the leg? These are toe up socks and I really like both socks.

I may have to wait until I write it out to see if it's not tooo complicated to put both options in. The sticking point here is that I have no idea, since they are knit from the toe up, where the knitter might be on the lace chart when they reached the heel. Makes it tricky for starting the all over lace since it would be on a second chart. Hmmm. Oh I'm sure I could work it out given some time since I do really like both socks.

From the front they both look similar.

But from the side they are different socks. I took the ballerina First Position photo with the camera upside down leaning over my feet. Not bad, eh?
So I am sock knitting this weekend. I have one lace panel fingering weight sock done. I guess I have to make an all-over lace one to compare. The pattern actually works out much better for the fingering pair (no second chart for the legs).
Enough, I must get back to my needles.

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