Monday 12 November 2007

One More FO.

One Classic pullover with rolled neck finished. Not a glamour shot of it I'm afraid.
I even tried it on (with negative ease of 1") and it feels really good on even though it's several sizes too small for me. It's going to be a pattern for tweeny sizes. This one is finished 36" around, and the pattern will have one size bigger 38" and 2 sizes smaller, down to a 32" sweater. I am finishing up the 32" ribbed neck version today, maybe not all finished today since I have 2 sleeves to do.
Here's a shot of the increasing along the shapeline. I used a symmetrical backward loop on either side of 2 shapeline stitches instead of the standard M1 and I like how it looks. I also like using the loops over my finger because they are not disruptive when I am cruising along the round. I find the standard M1 makes me stop in order to work it and it interrupts the flow. One of the backwards loops is done over my finger and the second one over my thumb, then on the second round I knit into the back or the front of the loop whichever is going to twist the loop one more time. This keeps the increase nice and tight.
When you make a pullover you have to carefully consider your increase. Imagine you are knitting around working one round with increases and a second round of knit only, the phone rings and you go and have a short conversation, on your return you pick up your knitting and .. oh no .. which round was I on the Increase round or the Knit round?? You want to pick an increase where you can tell. On the Increase round you put the backward loop on the right needle and on the Knit round you knit the loop. If there is No Loop you put a loop on (Increase round), and if there Is A Loop you knit into it (Knit round). A Yarn Over works the same way (the YO is there or it isn't) but a M1 does not give you this information without some careful scrutiny of your increase. This only applies to pullovers because cardigans have a right side where you are working your increases and a wrong side where you are working back, so you can choose any increase that turns your crank.
Lecture is finished for today. I'm going to knit my sleeves now and look at the new project I started last night but am firmly putting aside to get this ribbed neck pullover done. If I get one sleeve done today, tonight I can work on the new project (yes the carrot still works for me).

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