Thursday 15 November 2007

Two of the Three

I have finished the knitting of the Top Down pullovers for the tweeny set. The pattern will run from 32" to 38" finished measurement of sweater (4 sizes). I have now arranged with Dana to knit a third pullover with a stipe on the chest. This will give you 3 options for the sweater.

I am very pleased with how the ribbed cuff came out. It's always difficult to cast off at the end of the sleeve and so I am always trying any new cast off I come across to see if it would work better. This one worked very well. Not too tight or too loose and gives a nice purled edge to match the 2 purl rounds above the ribbing. Cast Off: With the wrong side facing, K1, *slip stitch on Right needle back onto the Left needle, K2tog (thru back loops); repeat from * until all sts cast off. I also used it to cast off the bottom of the pullover and am thrilled with how it looks.

I have a little more work to do on the pattern and then I will send it off to our pattern checker for a once over. Dana will be test knitting, checking the pattern again. You can't have too many checks on these patterns.

I'm also working on more pullovers. This one has a deeper V than the Button Up book V's have. I've worked out the math on it but am very excited to see if it works. I know that numbers don't lie but sometimes what you think the math is telling you does not actually work out in a sweater. It doesn't look like much at the moment. You can see the collar with the columns of YO's, below that there is a 1/2" section of ribbing so that it will flip over nicely, and then you might be able to see that I have started working some of the short rows across the back and top of the sleeves. At present I am much further along than this photo shows since I have been sneaking in the odd row or two. Tonight the short rows will be finished. I only have about 10 more Short Rows to work. It gets a little difficult to work the last couple of rows with my fingers crossed. - Deb

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