Friday 16 November 2007

Pullover, Cardigan, Pullover??

I put several sets of circulars through my Top Down so I could spread it out and have a good look at it. The V is about 8 1/2" deep which is what I had hoped for.

The colour is closer to a burgundy/red than this pink which is showing in the photo.

But a problem has cropped up. As soon as I fold it over (like on the chair back photo) it seems to want to become a cardigan. I had a pullover in my head from the beginning but now...

I intended to put the same holey rib pattern on the cuffs and at the bottom of the pullover. If I stay with the pullover I am now envisioning a tunic style A-line where I could run increases down the sides starting about 4 or 5" below the underarm so that the bottom of the tunic would be about 4" wider than the top with about 6" of holey rib pattern on the bottom and on the 4" cuffs.

If I do a cardigan I would make it shorter, about hip length, with only 3" of holey rib on the bottom border.

I think I will just leave this for now and see if tomorrow it turns back into a pullover. I'm almost positive now that it will because I would really like to see how it would look. I do love a tunic style sweater and with the added A-line swing it could be good.

- Deb

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  1. Definitely a cardi! It looks lovely, can't wait for the pattern. I'm really looking forward to purchasing the tweeny sized pullover soon.


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