Thursday 31 October 2013

It's mitten wearing weather now for us here in Canada.  The knitters in the Need An Accessory? book mitten class , last Saturday at Yarn Forward and Sew On in Ottawa, got a head start on their pair. As you can see, the yarn weights ranged from DK to bulky weight and everyone got one mitten done and started the second one. And lots had cables running up the back.
I've been wearing my own pair and am knitting a fingering weight pair to put inside when it gets really cold. I'm ready winter, bring it on!
 - Deb

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Sweater Surgery

Do you have an old favourite that you're just not willing to part with even though it's showing some wear? My  Lakeside Raglan from the Button Up Your Top Down book (blue cardigan in the centre) is that cardigan for me. I've worn it very steadily for 6 years and now the collar needs some tightening up.
Scissors to the rescue.

Ta, da. 
New tighter collar. OK, you might have noticed that the collar is a different looking colour. Dye lots change a lot in 6 years and washing and wearing might have something to do with it. But my old fav is back and now that I'm on a roll, I think it could probably use some new cuffs. Where are those scissors?!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Not Written in Stone

Knitting patterns are not written in stone. They are there for you to play with, really it's true. If you need permission, you have it from me. Please, please do whatever you want with any of the Cabin Fever patterns. Have fun. Take a chance. Each time you make a little or big change you make that project your own creation. Take a step away from a pattern and see where you end up.
Right now I seem to have a thing about making bags. I'm knitting myself one out of the Need An Accessory? book in two colours.
To make it easier for myself, I made a small change to the original stitch pattern from the book as worked in this cowl.
For this bag, I worked garter stitch instead of purl stitches between the cables. I was knitting and watching curling over the weekend (my daughter's team WON, yay) and with all the excitement and sitting on the edge of my chair, I knew I would find it difficult to keep track of the cable crossings. Changing every other round to a simple knit round meant I would cross my cables on every 4th garter stitch ridge (every 8 rounds). So far it's working out really well and it's going to make a really great bag.
I had fun over the summer knitting Harriet's Jacket by Elizabeth McCarten. This is a garter stitch project where, for the jacket, you cast on at the sleeve cuff and knit up the sleeve and then work half the jacket to the Front edge and the centre Back, attaching both halves at the centre Back. I cast on at the end of the sleeve and carried on from there. I guess I knit Harriet's Vest. Once the buttons are sewn on I'll be wearing this a lot. It fits great.
Have you made little or big changes to a pattern? Did you enjoy it? Will you continue to do so?

Monday 7 October 2013

I was away last weekend at the Sticks, Strings and Stewardship Retreat in Sudbury, ON.  This is a retreat with a focus on charity knitting.
Mitts and hats are put aside destined to those who need them and the rest these knitted garments will go to a bazaar they run in November with the proceeds going to various charities in the Sudbury area where money is needed more than knitted garments. 
They also provide blankets for Project Linus.
Needles, yarn and patterns are also collected and put in kit bags which they deliver to the waiting rooms of the regional hospital for those knitters who arrive at the hospital, flown in from remote areas with their loved ones, without their knitting. You can imagine how welcome this service is!
Here's the whole gang of wonderful knitters who are making a difference in their community.
I've gone to this retreat for 5 years and am looking forward to next year. We have lots of fun knitting over the weekend. I took two classes: log cabin quilt and Latvian Mittens.
Good Times.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

A friend of mine sent this great video to me about fashion and ageing. If the quote: "when I am an old woman I shall wear purple" in this poem, resonates with you then this will reinforce that wonderful ideal. Grab a coffee and sit down and enjoy this. It's 47 minutes long but worth the time.

Does this inspire you? Now I'm wondering where my red shoes are because I should put them on TODAY.
fabulous fashionista