Saturday 26 May 2012

I thought after getting all the sweaters finished for the Plus cardigan book I'd take a little time to rest my hands and brain. Ha, ha, ha. No knitting, that lasted a millisecond.
I've started to write a pattern for a cap sleeved vest in Belfast, a linen, cotton, acrylic blend. I'm knitting it with larger needles than recommended for this yarn, for an airier summer garment and a faster knit. It will work just as well in an aran weight wool with the recommended needles, for a winter vest. I think I'm going to put an A-line option in since, although I'm going to knit a pocket length, it could be worked to a mid-thigh length.

Friday 18 May 2012

One massive step closer to publication, photos are done! We did about 3 different photo shoots and although every time I think I'll remember to take a photo of the shoot itself it never happens. But our models had some fun.
Even I did.

Saturday 12 May 2012

Thanks for all your comments. They were all very helpful. I've decided to put the construction choices in and put the rest of the modifications at the back.
Which Sleeve length do you want to knit? The 4 options will be right there as you begin the sleeves. You might start out with long sleeves in mind but when you get there you might want to consider making 3/4 length sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all (cap sleeves).
DK weight, Cotton Tweed by Cabin Fever

Aran weight, Tuffy by Briggs & Little

The Sleeve length is up to you, same cardigan body with long sleeves or no sleeves.
Do you have a preferred sleeve length?

Monday 7 May 2012

I need some help !!
I'm setting up the pages for the Plus V-neck Top Down book and I am trying to decide how many choices are too many. In this book the Basic Cardigan has the potential for many decisions along the way. To me this is one of the great advantages of Top Down knitting, deciding along the way, but it may be overwhelming. My question is not whether to include all of the choices below but where to put them in the book: at the back in an Optional Modifications section or sprinkled through the book so that a decision can be made with all the information there? I like to make up my mind as I go but maybe more people like one pattern all laid out. If the alternatives are sprinkled through the book we will make those pages look different somehow: different border, different font, different something.

For instance, should I write the Basic pattern out for the Straight Body with the alternative of adding in Waist and Hip Shaping on the next page OR put in a note to say if you want to add Waist and Hip Shaping go to the back of the book to the Optional Modifications section.
Should I write the pattern with Long sleeves and say that all the alternative sleeve lengths are at the back OR put all the sleeve lengths right there all together.

Straight Body with option of adding in Waist and Hip Shaping.
Lengths: Shorty, Standard, Long or Very Long
Sleeve lengths:  Long sleeves with option of Cap, Short, 3/4 Sleeves.
While working the sleeves there are possible adjustments to make a narrower or wider Sleeve.
Simpler wide neck opening with option of more involved raised neck opening and a further option of adding on a collar.

This is a 60 page booklet and not a single pattern. It begins with a Basic cardigan in stockinette stitch followed by 3 more cardigans with lace and texture patterns on them which are based on the Basic cardigan. These patterned cardigans refer back to the Basic pattern with only the changes from the Basic written out (for instance, the lace skirt is written out, see previous 3 posts).

Consider page flipping vs possibility of overwhelming the beginner. Any thoughts?