Thursday 22 August 2013

I think I'll be another week without my computer. It's been an interesting time. To start my work day I go to the computer and check my emails. This gets me going. No computer, no getting going? A change of routine can be good but uncomfortable.

I went in to the computer store today and talked to Cory. The story is that my computer is corrupted (I always thought there was something wrong with these machines) and a whole lot of things which have lettered names are wrong with it. Ha, ha I didn't understand what he was talking about but he had a terrific time telling me about his detective work and I really enjoyed listening to him tell it. He's got it all worked out. I love to take my car into my local garage for the same reason. My mechanic loves to talk. He shows me the parts that failed and the whole story of why and what they did to fix it. I love it. I've been through books of electrical schematics and looked at lots of bits of metal over the years (sometimes it's not even my car we end up talking about). But mostly I love the story telling.

Problem solvers have some great stories.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

I came home from my holidays at the cabin to find that after I plugged in my computer it decided to stay on holidays. Now it's at the computer doctors to see if it can be revived and I'm at the library with a one hour time slot at the keyboard. AARGH. One hour is nothing!

It's a little bit relaxing to be internet-free and a little bit frustrating. I have to make a trip to email once a day, and make it snappy too. But it certainly focuses the brain to not have all the time I need to do this.

Seven minutes left and I still need to check ravelry. Hopefully next time there will be photos but for now . . . it's a whole new world of no internet. Have you done this for any length of time? Was it good or bad?