Friday 28 July 2017

Knitting by the Compass

I've started knitting a baby sweater. They are so much fun, so small and sooo quick. Just started yesterday and have quite a nice bit done already. It's worked so far in Cherry Cotton Tweed so will be bright and cheerful.

This one is worked in 4 directions of the compass.

It starts with the neckband. Then the right shoulder saddle goes West and here I'm just starting the left shoulder saddle (East), leaving the remaining stitches on hold at the neckband.
Lots of garter stitch and counting of ridges which is great for TV knitting in the evening.

Then on to the Back (North) and then the Front (South). Travelling in my armchair!!
Couldn't be easier. Almost ready for a colour change.
Stay tuned,

Thursday 6 July 2017

Lightening picture day

It's time to get out my phone and take some photos. My camera is in repetitive cycle of zooming in and out and then shutting off. I think that means it's toast. So I'm debating about buying another camera or using my phone? Any thoughts on this?

My Lightening pullover is done and on my mannequin. No one to take my photo so she is it.
I even dressed her up and put a skit on her. She's better dressed than I am. 

The Lightening Bolts get larger and larger as they travel down the sweater. I charted it all out although I'm sure you can figure it out pretty quickly. Then you just have to count holes. They also go down the sleeve shoulder.

The yoke starts out with 8 bolts and then is widdled down to 4 and then only 2. It will keep you on your toes!

There is side shaping too. Lots to keep you busy.
One more check through the pattern and then I will post it next week. I already have my next sweater idea waiting in the wings. It's anxious to be centre stage.