Saturday 24 March 2012

Another change of plan. I found that the slip stitch pattern was definitely hindering me when I try to put my buttonholes in. So I have simplified the pattern to stripes so that I can do the buttonholes the way I want to. It's time to stick to my decisions now and get the cuffs finished.
I like the smaller buttons.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Buttons, they are TOO BIG but they are the exact colour, argh. I have slightly smaller ones which are the same colour and shaped somewhat like little fish. I'm going to get them. I think they'll make a difference. (The sweater is also very big for my mannikin.)

I also like it with fewer buttons but I'll put the buttonholes all the way down anyway.
I thought I could work 2 full repeats of the pattern but the bands get too wide. I like the width they are now. But I think I'm going to work 2 more navy garter stitch ridges right at the beginning before the colour ridge to balance with the outside cast off edge. That will add a little width and centre the pattern.

I'm going for a walk before I begin ripping . . .

Tuesday 20 March 2012

I'm knitting a sweater which will be appearing in A Needle Pulling Thread magazine in the fall issue I hope. It's a cardigan based on the Plus-sized book which I'm writing now. It's a chunky weight and I am taking it a step further than the book by introducing some colour work into the cuffs and frontband. This is much easier to do in one gauge than it is in the multi-gauge book.
I played with some slip stitch patterns. Tried one of the patterns on one cuff.
I didn't think it showed as well as it could. So tried to add in some more of the red colour in between the slip stitch pattern.

I like this one a whole lot better. I think it won. Now to try it out on the Front. I think it's going to give me the strong vertical I'm looking for.

Saturday 17 March 2012

An new pattern for baby knitters. Not for baby's to knit but to knit for babies.

Way to go Bernice. Another pattern out the door and up on Patternfish.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Thanks for all the tips on getting through lots of knitting. I'll try them all and a couple more I've thought of. I am getting lots done.
This is a 57" cardi and it was really enjoyable to knit. If fact I was sort of sorry to see the end of the Body. Now for the sleeves. I'll probably cast on another Body in a day or two, something in a summery colour since it seems Spring has arrived, at least for this week it has.
And just to mix it up I cast on another sock. Those small needles make anything else I knit appear to zoom along.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Yes, lots of knitting. Adult sweaters, several of them, mean the fingers are flying and my shoulders and neck are sore. To ease the pain I have taught myself a new way, for me, of knitting. Combining different styles of knitting can change your posture slightly with each style and using different muscles can help me knit longer without discomfort. So I am working Stocking Stitch by knitting across in Continental Style and purling back Portuguese Style. Portuguese Style is the only style I know of where it is easier to purl than to knit. youtube video
What makes purling so easy is that you flick the yarn over the needle with your thumb.
The yarn travels from the needle, around your neck or through a hooked pin and is tensioned in your hand. I made myself a pin with a large hook and eye closure. I hold my yarn in my left hand because for Continental knitting the yarn is in that hand and saves me switching the ball from one side to the other.
I don't purl any faster with this method but I am much more relaxed when I do it. I'm sure it's helping. Do you have any tips for doing lots of knitting without strain?

Monday 5 March 2012

I'm really enjoying this knit. Not a great photo, sorry. The pattern is interesting and just enough to make the stockinette knitting seem like nothing at all. I'm just doing the front band right now and then I only have the sleeves to go. Yay.