Wednesday 26 February 2014

Last week teaching at the Stitches West show
the most exciting thing, besides teaching classes which is always exciting, is seeing knitters everywhere: at tables, in the lobby, in the bar, walking around. I spent each morning knitting in the lobby at 6am with the other knitters from the east side of the country.
My roomie was the wonderful Lily Chin.
Dressed here as the Gingerbread Man at the Student Banquet.
Spent time in the Market where I was totally impressed with the number of books for sale.
Obviously so impressed I couldn't hold my camera steady.

Saturday 15 February 2014


I've gotten a couple of teasing emails from friends suggesting that I no longer knit socks and let Deb do all the sock knitting for me! Well, I've got to defend myself don't I? I admit to not knitting socks at quite the rate I used to but I do still knit them. What am I working on now?
It's the #159 Sock Ridges by Deb. I really like the short row heels and the stripes mean I don't have to work at all to make sure my socks match. I'm using my (Shelridge Yarns) new sock yarn in black with a blue hand-paint. The new yarn is 80% merino and 20% nylon. I really like it. : ) And I really like how nice the socks are looking.
- Lyn

Friday 14 February 2014

Colour Knitting

This is the first colour knitting I've done in a very long time. It reminds me that skills can get pretty rusty. I do colour knitting in the two-handed method and since I am a Continental knitter my off-hand is my right hand working in the English throwing style of knitting. I do admire those of you who can do it so effortlessly because I am struggling a bit to get it back. This is yet another options in the Need A Circular Yoke book which we are working on now.

As I proceed I do have some 2-handed colour knitting tips:
1. Use a larger knitting for colourwork rows(rounds) if your fabric tends to pull in.
2. Always use your "good hand" for the background colour. This maintains a good sturdy background fabric and stops you from switching hands part way through your project. If you've ever done this you know it makes the fabric look very different (ask me how I know!).
3. Each time you change colour push the stitches just worked down the Right needle. This will make your floats nice and long.

Do you have any other suggestions to add?

Friday 7 February 2014

I tried to do some testknitting for the upcoming book while I was watching at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (curling nationals) but it's way too difficult to send good vibes to the team and read and knit all at the same time. So I knit 15" so far on a sweater my daughter picked out at Christmas. I thought that was appropriate. (She's coming out of the hack in the photo.) Team Ontario didn't do as well as they had hoped, just below the middle of the pack in the round robin. But it's very exciting to be here and they'll be back another year.
I'm renting a table at Tim's coffee shop. The rates are terrific - $1.40 for a cup of tea and several hours of internet time! Can't beat it for an office away from home. For the non-sports fans, from here on in we will get back to regular scheduled knitting time.
- Deb in Montreal, QC

Sunday 2 February 2014

Curling! Yeah, Team Ontario! and Socks ....

Deb is in Montreal to watch her daughter, Morgan Court, curl as part of Team Ontario in the Scotties! She'll be knitting like crazy as she watches. This is very very exciting for us. Deb has curled all her life, her husband Paul is an avid competitive curler, our Dad has been a competitive curler and skip his whole life and is still curling regularly at age 83. Mom only gave up curling a couple of years ago. Our cousin Dean Gemmell has been a World Champion with the US Curling team, has a curling podcast and has written a book on curling, his parents are also very active curlers. Our other cousin Jenny is also a very busy competitive curler ... Me? I've not curled in a few years and have never been anywhere as good as the rest of the family but do enjoy the game. It was so exciting to watch Team Flaxey (now Team Ontario) play and win the Ontario Scotties - now to watch my niece play in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts against all the other provincial teams is amazing. Go Morgan!
Those of you who have some of our patterns and books may recognise Morgan as she was in a number of our earlier patterns and is in our Button Up Your Top Down book as well.

While Deb is away, I thought I'd show you my Birthday Socks! Yes, each year Deb knits me socks for my birthday (which is in December). This year I got 2 pair!! Not sure what I did right and wish I knew so it would happen again.
 A nice, plain pair (yarn unknown) which I'll wear and wear.
This pair is in a single yarn called "KnitEast" by the Fleece Artist and the sock is from
our "Need A Sock" book using the Embroidery Lace stitch pattern which we liked so
much we used it again in our "Need An Accessory" book.

- Lyn