Tuesday 26 August 2014

Magazine Shelf Space

I've taken the step of purchasing the download of a magazine, first time ever. I usually like to buy it as a print version. In my town the knitting magazine I like is not longer available in any store, boo, hoo. Last year I went the subscription route, mailed to my house. It was great to get the magazine but because I'm in Canada I seemed to get the magazine about 3 weeks late. I've seen photos and read about the magazine on the internet for several weeks before I receive it. I missed the excitement of seeing it for the first time in my hands. Now I have the downloaded version, the excitement of looking at it for the first time is back.

My pile of old magazines is getting very high. I used to browse through them all once a year. I found that an article or pattern that I passed over last year would be more relevant now and worth the time to read it through. An overlooked technique might inspire a new idea for a pattern. But now the pile has become so overwhelming that I'm finding I don't do this any more. How can I justify the shelf space? Maybe I could randomly pull an old magazine out once a week and take a look at it. Is it possible that a plan is emerging?

How do you justify shelf space for your old magazines? Do you revisit them? Are they a source of inspiration?

Tuesday 19 August 2014

One Step Further Away From the Pattern

I've decided that I wanted to add a little more lace work to my latest Circular Yoke. It's turning out to be lots of fun.
I'm adding lace down the sides. I cast on 16 sts at the Divide Round for the underarm cast on. Perfect for adding 2 x 8st lace pattern I used in the yoke. If you cast on more or less than 16 sts you can still work out where to put 2 repeats of the pattern in. It certainly adds quite a bit of interest to the knitting of the body. I think a twist or knit and purl pattern would work just as well.
I knit every round until I was below my bra since I don't always wear a beige coloured bra and didn't want it to show through the lace. One less decision to make when I get dressed is a good thing, ha, ha.
Thanks Karen, Liz & t_a for your thoughtful remarks. It's great to know I'm not alone in the two steps forward, one step back approach but always moving forward. It's a journey as well as an adventure!

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Can We Learn and Be Comfortable

We all know that learning can be uncomfortable. I don't remember school being all that comfortable lots of the time. If you are working at something you're really interested in it can be stimulating, intense, frustrating and confusing. But learning is still exciting and worthwhile. Frustration teaches us to put it down, pick it up the next day and try again, perseverance is necessary. How many projects have you gotten bogged down in, thrown in the time-out chair, only to pick them up and say this is not going to get me down. Who ever said that knitting is only for old ladies in rocking chairs didn't know what they were talking about. Those chair rockers know a thing or two! This is my mantra "I am the boss of my knitting. I am more able to handle life because I knit". YAY.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Think Inside the Box

Do you like that phrase "think outside the box"? I must admit that I don't. I once heard someone say that outside the box is a lonely place. It's the place for geniuses. Geniuses think up weird and wonderful stuff and then wait for the rest of us to catch up. Sometimes we do and often we don't.

On the other hand, the centre of the box is a very safe place. It's where lots and lots of people are and never venture away from. Safe if great lots of the time. But sometimes we can get stale there. It's fantastic knitting when you love what you're seeing in the photo or you're stressed in other areas of your life and need something to turn out right. I do it myself from time to time.

But what if we ventured closer to the outside edge of the box? That's where interesting things can happen. You might add in a stitch pattern you made up yourself. I bet it would look great. Or exaggerate some feature of the sweater, like the shaping. How about a really, really wide A-line? Or take a chance and pinch in that waist one more inch. How about an assymetrical bottom border just for the fun of it. It might surprise you how good it can look. Not quite knowing the outcome is a little scary but it certainly adds a little spice to your knitting and possibly a new "look" to your sweater wardrobe.

I'm hoping that the Need A Circular Yoke book takes you closer to the outside of the box. All the numbers are there but the decisions are yours. If you're taking on the challenge of putting together your own sweater I applaud you. I'm glad you're coming on the ride. Join us at Need A Circular Yoke KAL for some company along the journey, advice and answers to any questions.

Add some spice,
P.S. Thanks Sharon & t_a. I truely appreciate your encouragement.

Friday 1 August 2014

NEW Need A Circular Yoke is ready.

It's official, the NEW Need A Circular Yoke book is ready. We're very excited.
The pdf ebook is available on Patternfish
and a printed copy can be ordered by email: info@cabinfever.ca
My thought behind this book was to give you all the information you would need to be a small "d" designer yourself.  Really, I know you can all do it. All the stitch numbers are worked out. It's my  particular pleasure to do this for you.
Do you remember those mix and match children's books where you can have the head of a rooster and the body of a camel with the feet of a duck? This book works sort of like that (your sweater will not end up to be a strange animal, I promise). One step at a time will make a unique sweater that is your alone. Which neckband would I like? Will I knit the yoke with lace or textured (knit & purl) sts? What length of sleeve this time? How about a shirttail bottom border? You can wait and decide as you knit along. That's the fun part. I've made 4 sweaters now and have 2 more on the needles. They are all different. Maybe I'll make just one more and this time . . .