Thursday 25 September 2014

I sent out a Newsletter asking for suggestions for new designs for 2014-15 season. The overwhelming response was for patterns for boys. I am also interested in adding in patterns to top down garments so here is my first one out of the gate.
A relatively simple pullover in Cotton Tweed (Rust) with ribbed sleeves, sizes 2-8 years old. I thought this would be easy to work but working multiple sizes with a stitch pattern is pretty interesting (that means my eraser got a huge work out and my calculator was smokin'). Getting the stitches to come out at the bottom of the yoke close to the size so that the underarm cast on stitches would work out for the sleeve & body is a trick. It took several erasing and as usual I didn't quite have it worked out until I actually put yarn to needles and knit. It's always easier for me to think while I'm knitting.
I added ribbing down the sides. I like that it really breaks up all the stockinette stitch needed for the body.
I got quite a bit more done at our Knitting Guild meeting last night. A very portable knit once the Great Divide is finished and the side ribbing is set up.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Steek Cutting

I'm ready to get cut my steek. I've altered my capelet. Altered, meaning frogged a whole lot of it since I discovered I'm not a capelet person. Who knew. I've taken it back so I can make it a sweater since I know for sure I'm a sweater person. But I'm going to cut it now to show you my method of cutting a steek.

My sewing machine is set up for a short stitch with a loose tension. I sewed 2 lines up stitch#2 and stitch#4.
I turn it inside out so I can see the sewing lines.
Cut right down the centre being very careful not to cut any of the machine stitching.
As easy as that.
The steek wants to roll to the back on each side. Next step would be to pick up stitches for the buttonbands. Steeks are easy to do and so effective. I'm not very good with my sewing machine and I find this quite fun to do.
Just one more tool for your knitting toolbox. You might start to look at pullovers differently from now on knowing that they can be converted to a cardigan with just a little bit of sewing and a pair of scissors.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Steek Set-Up for cutting

I've been asked about converting the pullovers in the Need A Circular Yoke book into cardigans. If you're considering working colourwork for a caridgan, steeks, in my humble opinion, are the way to go. I knit a capelet with a steek so it can be cut open down the centre Front and a buttonband picked up and worked.
I'm going to sew the steek over the weekend. This is the plan. Here is my 5 stitch steek worked in a checkerboard pattern with the 2 colours.
I'm going to sew along the pink lines. There will be two lines of sewing close together up stitch#2 and stitch#4.
And then I will cut along the turquoise line, down the centre of stitch#3.

I will pick up for my buttonbands along the black lines, along the outside of stitch#1 and far side of stitch#5. Right now I'm just contemplating since the capelet is drying after blocking. On Sunday I cut! Woo hoo.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

KnitTrade, we're almost ready.

There is a large knitting industry trade show called TNNA, held in Columbus Ohio in June every year. It's where big and small companies show their new lines of yarn, patterns and books. If you're in teh U.S. your local store probably has been there to see what's new. Lyn & I have gone to this show as vendors selling our patterns and books to yarn store owners for many years. Every year we would say to ourselves "we should have something like this in Canada".  But alas there wasn't anything here. So 5 years ago we decided it was time to start a trade show ourselves. And now this is year 5, amazing. 
We were looking for a venue and then it came to me - a curling rink. It's a big barn with a cement floor and off season there is no ice. Perfect.
Most of our vendors are small to medium sized knitting companies selling specialty items. It's exciting for store owners to talk to the company owner, and often the manufacturer, of the goods they buy.
We've been very busy over the summer and especially this week, getting set up and now this is it. 
Our 5th annual KnitTrade show is on Sunday. 
We're almost ready!
Deb & Lyn