Friday 26 August 2016

Neapolitan, 3 colours

I am really enjoying knitting this little sweater. The colours are so pretty together. I'm going to call it Neapolitan. I'm knitting it in between painting my cabin and caulking to keep out the demon "water". The bain of camp buildings.

The pattern is two different stripes and 3 colours. This combo gives it a lot of interest and is fun to knit.
Even these sleeves are fun. The trick appears to be to have something to concentrate on while knitting the sleeves. The pattern for this sweater changes from the body worked flat to the sleeves worked “in the round”. I rewrote it and then had to knit exactly what I wrote to make sure it was correct. All good.
On the second sleeve I gave myself the challenge of not looking at the pattern at all. I had to read my knitting as I went along. It had me stopping and giving it some thought but the sleeve went by in a flash.
I did have to go deck diving twice today. Double pointed needles and decks do not go together. The needle is right there....
This sweater is one of the new baby sweaters I will have kitted up in the Cabin Fever booth at K-W Knitter’s Fair on Sept. 10.
P.S. t_a I totally agree. Not using a cable needle is scary but kinda fun.

Sunday 21 August 2016

Cabling Without A Cable Needle, 1 over 3 Cable

I also name this "Knitting Without a Safety Net". You will see why.

This is a Horseshoe Cable formed by two 1 over 3 Cables. The first Cable moves 1 stitch over 3 sts to the Left. The second Cable moves 1 stitch over 3 sts to the Right.

I start with my fingers. First the 1 over 3 CABLE LEFT where the stitch on the right is crossing over and in front of the 3 sts to the left.

That makes the 3 sts on the left the BACKGROUND STS and they are moving to the Right. Now to the actual knitting.

This works best with a sturdy, non-slippery yarn.
Move all the stitches to the tips of the needles. Take the 4 sts involved off the Left needle. YIKES. There they are hanging in mid-air.
With the Right needle, pick up the 3 Background sts. (I always pick up the Background sts first.)
 With Left needle, pick up the 1 stitch that is going to cross over in front.

Now slip the 3 Background sts back onto the Left needle. You can see the cross now.
Knit the 4 sts. Ta-Da. 1 over 3 cross Left is made.

Now for the other side of the Horseshoe Cable. The 1 over 3 Cross Right.
First the fingers.

Background sts will be moving to the Left.

Take the 4 sts off the Left needle
Pick up the 3 Background sts onto Left needle.
Pick up the 1 front stitch which will be crossing to the right with the Right needle.
Slip that 1 stitch onto Left needle and knit 4 sts.

Ta-Da. One Horseshoe Cable made with two 1 over 3 Cables Done.

You are now free to knit without a cable needle, if you dare!

Thursday 11 August 2016

Cold Spot

Here I am taking advantage of a public a/c cold spot.
Shhh, read this post very quietly so that you don't disturb the other computer people in the library. I'm trying to knit very quietly. Although I think the typing at the next table is probably louder.
I'm just finishing up my second ball of Cotton Tweed Turquoise and it's looking like a sweater. I did decide to put the stitch pattern down the sides. I never feel like I'm getting anywhere if there is too much stockinette stitch, especially on an adult sweater.
Now I'm working the same pattern 4 different places as I work across my row. It always surprises me every time I get to the cable crossing row. Wow, already? Yes, 8 more rows done. I'm feeling like I'm really moving along.

Do you use a cable needle? I never do. I don't even own one any more. Lost them all and decided to do without. I'll take some photos and maybe you'll also be convinced to try knitting without a safety net. Yes, it's scary, very scary!

Saturday 6 August 2016

Knitting On through the heat

Keeping On, Knitting On. My Saddle Shoulder Top Down is coming along except that last week was so hot I didn't get too much knitting done.
I still have another decision to make. Do I put the stitch pattern down the (imaginary) side seam? I started knitting the body in stockinette stitch and stopped. Decided I needed to sleep on it.
P.S. Thanks for the comments Sharon & t_a. That was a fun day for me especially since it sort of came together by the end of the day. The frustrating days are when that doesn't happen.