Tuesday 19 October 2010


Things, knitting-wise, seem to moving slowly here. But I did finish another pair of socks. Yay. These are shorties which I tried to get out of a single 50gm ball of sock yarn that my daughter picked out.
I scrounged around in my jar of little left-over sock balls and found a matching colour for the heel and toes. I knit them toe-up so that I could use all of the wool and I worked a sewn-off cast off for the first time. I think I didn't do it quite right but I still like it. I have to look up the proper positioning of the wool and then I think I might use it quite often.

I was working on my cardigan and getting a little worried about how the A-Line was coming out so I blocked the bottom out.
I think it's going to be fine and I'm happy with the border pattern. But as I was stuffing it back into my knitting bag I was wondering why it wasn't fitting so well. I discovered that I had started a couple more projects while it was drying out. How does that happen!
A V-neck top down in an adult size is in there. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the short rows for the neck. And a new sock.
Which might account for the lack of space. I may have to leave one of the adult-sized sweaters at home. Carrying around 2 is a little over my weight limit.


  1. Love all your projects, Deb. The sockies might be a great starter sock for the first time sock knitter for our KAL

  2. At least you have the two sweaters with you, to work on. Mine sit on the couch, lazily waiting to be picked up. Though I did a few rows tonight....


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