Wednesday 16 February 2011

Stitches West

Karen and I arrived in sunny San Francisco yesterday afternoon ... and the sun lasted for about 30 minutes then clouded over. Lots of rain since. However, much, much warmer than what we left! We'll be heading off to the warehouse this morning to pick up our boxes then off to the airport to pick up Don & Buffy of Shelridge Farm and then the conference centre to unload and begin setting up our booths.

Cabin Fever is, if I remember correctly, in Booths 617-619. Right next door to our friend Lana of Hemp for Knitting. We only see Lana at the shows as we live at opposite sides of the country.

If you're coming to the show, do stop by and say "hi". I got a couple of emails asking if I would be bringing some more Silk and Silver (yes) and SweaterKits mulberry silk (also yes). I have Deb's new shrug and a "shrawl" that Karen and I have done (just finished the black/silver sample as I was leaving for the airport). I'm still knitting one more Fern Kerchief in a lovely blue I just dyed so must finish that up tonight.

Karen's Mom, Diane, turns 70 this year and our Mom, Edith, turns 80 so we're both going to keep our eyes open to see if we see anything they might like. Being as they're both terrific knitters and we're at the biggest knitting show going ... we're hopeful :)   Mind you, that means we have to be able to get out of the booth to find something - not always an easy task as the show is very busy.



  1. Oh ENVY! I wish I were there at the show to say Hi and see everything!

  2. Can you feel the jealous rays I'm feeling right now. Lucky you.


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