Friday 22 July 2011

A-Line Cardigans

When Deb wrote "Morgan's Cardigan" for our Teens & Tweens book, we had no idea how popular that cardigan was going to be! Morgan (Deb's daughter) was more than pleased with her cropped sleeve version and I loved wearing the largest size to shows. However, at every show I wore it I kept on hearing "oh, love that cardigan but I'd need it in a larger size".
"Morgan's Cardigan" (largest size)
and the "A-Line" Cardigan (small).
So, after me repeating this to Deb several times, she re-wrote the cardigan in adult sizes - and it's lovely! It's called the A-Line Cardigan #624 and here it is on the left. It's in worsted weight yarn so a fairly quick knit and very versatile.
I can tell you, from personal wear, that this is a terrific cardigan and I wear it a lot! You can wear it with jeans, with nice pants or a skirt for a dressier look and it looks great over a dress as well.
I'm just starting a second one for me in a lime green merino from Abuelita Yarns (I like this yarn so much we're going to be carrying it ourselves).
The three-quarter length sleeves, as shown, work perfectly for me but you can have it as a cap sleeve or a long sleeve - whichever you prefer! The lengths are written as petite, average or tall but, again, you can knit whichever length suits.
It's on Patternfish for download.
But that is not the end! Deb got quite a number of emails asking about re-sizing the cardigan to Plus sizes.
Here is our friend Jennifer, in her cardigan
 that Deb knit for her.
After doing some research and talking to a number of interested knitters in the plus size range, she's re-written the cardigan to Plus sizes from 1X to 5X. The A-Line PLUS Cardigan #625 has the same sleeve and length options along with additional fitting options for the fuller figure.
You can download the pattern from Patternfish here.
I believe there's a KAL (Knit-A-Long) being organised for the A-Line PLUS but I'll let Deb fill you in on that.
Deb's been doing (as you know if you've been keeping up with the blog) a lot of research on plus sizing and has been getting a lot of input from Julie. It's been really interesting to hear her work through the fitting options and design challenges. Look out for the results next year in book form!

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  1. I am presently working on one in Plymouth Encore ..a deep cranberry red in size 57.
    Even though I am an English 'throw' knitter, so slow in comparison with the speed of Continental or Combination knitting, my A-Line is going rather fast and I am pleased!

    I am joining the KAL coming up for another in my best loved Cascade 220 and am eagerly looking forward to knitting it along with others.

    Thanks to Deb for considering the upper plus size gals in the knitting community!!!!

    One thing I love about the pattern is the 'tutorial' directions she includes. It is as if you are in a local yarn shop and each step is being explained one-on-one. Deb writes as a real teacher.
    Periodic stitch check up counts are also given throughout(I like that) as well as a schematic.
    I look forward to her plus size book as well.


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