Monday 13 February 2012

Lyn got a deal on some full spectrum lights.
So now I can take photos at 5pm which is usually when I think of it. My buttonband is almost done. This weekend I needed a break and a non-knitting weekend. This takes a lot of distraction. This project did it for me.
A HUGE puzzle. It's the size of my entire kitchen table! We are eating on the coffee table until I get this done, 2000 pieces, it's going to be a while. It's slightly bigger than I had anticipated and extremely distracting.


  1. When I break out a jigsaw puzzle I can do nothing else until it's completed. More addictive than knitting...

  2. Your husband must be very good natured.

  3. OK, I just don't get it with puzzles. My close friend, a senior lawyer with the Dept. of Justice in Ottawa loves them too, though. Go for it!

  4. I know someone else who uses her kitchen table for puzzles. She throws a tablecloth on top of a partially finished jigsaw puzzle and sets the dishes on top of everything. It works! The puzzle stayed in place and the puzzle pieces weren't thick enough to tilt the place settings.


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