Friday 18 May 2012

One massive step closer to publication, photos are done! We did about 3 different photo shoots and although every time I think I'll remember to take a photo of the shoot itself it never happens. But our models had some fun.
Even I did.


  1. Love your cardigan, Deb. Is that the Fleece Artist wool? The fit on your two models also looks great. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you for using plus sized models in the book. It gives a much better idea of how the sweater will fit. And the ladies look GREAT! I love those first two cardigans and can't wait for the book to go on sale. I better start collecting yarn!

  3. The models look great and the fit is awesome. The cardigan looks good on you too, Deb. That will show that the book works for a great range of sizes. MommaBearKnits

  4. You all look great in the new patterns. Congrats!!

  5. Love the plus size models! Thanks!
    I have my eye on the blue as my first project from the book when it is released.

  6. Everyone seems to be having lots of fun. Must be the gorgeous sweaters. I hope you don't see yourself as plus size, Deb.

    1. When is the book coming out!!???? I can't wait. The arms are where they should be, the proportions look good . . . woooohoooo! I love the models. Ya done good!!

  7. Deb, the sweaters are GORGEOUS! Can't wait for the book to come out. Love the photos, too. Congrats and thanks for supporting the ample among us.

  8. What a gorgeous photo shoot! Can't wait for the book! (well, I guess I'll have to, actually). But I'll be in line :)


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