Thursday 1 November 2012

I have polished up an old skill and now it's a shining new skill. We had Monika Stramaglia come to our knitting guild and do a "crocheting for knitters" class. I love being a student.
I can now do the crab stitch. Even with a finer weight of yarn.
And I worked both these stitch patterns using the crochet schematics only. Woohoo. Those little diagrams do make sense. A whole new stitching world is waiting out there, now that I can wield a crochet hook.

Have you learned any new skills lately?


  1. That red trim is really impressive. As you probably know, I'm partial to crocheted button loops, since you don't have to decide where to put them until the rest of the cardigan is done. Also, you can adjust the size to suit your buttons.

  2. Sometimes, when I am on brain overload, I say "I never want to learn another thing ever!". But your crochet looks great.

  3. Cut that out!! I already crochet but am trying to forget how since I have your whole Ample Cardi book to work thru while knitting touques for charity, socks for everyone else & making marmalade - I DO NOT need another project!! Whatcha got planned there anyway . . .


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