Tuesday 20 August 2013

I came home from my holidays at the cabin to find that after I plugged in my computer it decided to stay on holidays. Now it's at the computer doctors to see if it can be revived and I'm at the library with a one hour time slot at the keyboard. AARGH. One hour is nothing!

It's a little bit relaxing to be internet-free and a little bit frustrating. I have to make a trip to email once a day, and make it snappy too. But it certainly focuses the brain to not have all the time I need to do this.

Seven minutes left and I still need to check ravelry. Hopefully next time there will be photos but for now . . . it's a whole new world of no internet. Have you done this for any length of time? Was it good or bad?


  1. Both. Good not to have the distraction; bad because the internet is our link to the outside world, especially if, like me, you don't live in a bit city. Hope you get connected soon.

  2. I remember when the library first started using them. One had to call and reserve a time 10 min. limit. Now they have a whole bank of computers and one just swipes the lib card and can use it for an hour..longer if no one is waiting. Mostly they are kids there chatting away, though. I go in the mornings when I have to use them and there are all seniors then checking their email...more my style.I prefer my own computers and now have 2 in the house. One stays on all day and mail pops up regularly. I am addicted.

  3. Hee Hee. Our computers must have taken the same vacation. I had the same thing happen. My $379 laptop cost $168 to repair. Just got it back yesterday.


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