Wednesday 15 January 2014


I'm looking for new top down constructs with set-in sleeves. We must be able to do this. Has anyone tried this one? Contiguous method by Susie M. You set up 2 shoulder stitches and work increases on either side of these shoulder stitches on both the Right side and the Wrong side until the Back of Neck plus the two shoulders are the right width for the Back. Then you work a set-in sleeve in the round. Very intriguing. There's a short sample you can knit to try it out on the Contiguous site. I'm making the Driftwood in Cotton Tweed Silver and Flannel to try it.

I'm doing some small alterations but it's working out very well.

If you don't know much about curling, my cousin Dean (told you we're a curling family) did a short video Curling-how-hard-can-it-be?
Thanks Robin. We're very excited.
Brenda, I know you watch curling so that was partyly for you.
Sharon, TSN will be carrying the games so no CBC coverage any more. That's sad isn't it?


  1. I tried the Contiguous and wasn't 100% happy with it, so then tried a combo of Contiguous and Ann Budd's method of top down set in sleeves and like that better but just recently tried Asa Tricosa's method - I think she calls it - tricnique - and liked it best.

  2. I know SuzieM has a Contiguous Group on Ravelry - I've checked it out & done a sample which I liked very much but it was a SMALL sample. I think an alternative to the old Raglan is a great idea, especially since most of us look better in a semi - fitted sleeve anyway. I must check out Tricnique. TSN for curling now eh?? Well, I guess it gets more exposure that way but it seems a shame that CBC is being left behind . . .


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