Tuesday 17 June 2014

Windward scarf

I just finished knitting the Windward scarf, just because the schematic looked interesting. It was. The concept for this scarf is terrific. The final scarf has lots of triangles and one parallelogram in it with no pick up & knits involved.
Phew, it's also a lot of knitting on a 3.25mm needle. I used mini maiden in beautiful blues and greens.
This is the first couple of sections, beginning at the tip of the garter stitch section. Fairly straight forward with decreases worked to make the garter stitch triangle and increases to make the next stocking stitch triangle.
The middle of the scarf is the really interesting part. You work 5 sections at the same time, working increases and decreases at the borders of each of the triangle sections and there is one parallelogram on the right there, to make the shapes you can see.
The arrow indicates the stitches on the needle that you knit on each row. Interesting, eh? Have you knit anything with interesting construction lately? I'm always interested in something new.
Lovely to be knitting outside on the porch again.

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  1. You are absolutely right. Knitting on the porch again. what treat.


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