Wednesday 17 June 2015


My Windward scarf is done, well almost. I do have all those pesky ends to sew in since I decided to add random stripes with a left over odd ball of sock yarn with the Alpaca Fine (by Berroco) I used for the main colour.
The reason this scarf has fascinated me is because the direction of knitting changes. It's nerdy knitting at it's best.
The big open arrows are the direction of knitting. It begins at the left end in a more or less usual way. Starting with section D the direction of knitting changes. Cast On for E at the bottom and work across D & E, Cast On for G and then work D, E, F & G at the same time. Finally cast on a bit for H and work back and forth across D, E, F, G & H. You can see the squiggly arrow I put in to show what a row looks like - an S shape. I love that. Cast Off across the top, leaving the stitches of H open and work I & J in a more usual way. Fascinating.

Unfortunately, when worn, no one will know that this is a very cleverly designed scarf. Oh well. I'll know.

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  1. I made one of these scarves a few years ago because I was so excited about the way it went together. Unfortunately my choice of yarn - busy variegated doesn't show off the design. I love wearing it but as you note only I know about the design. I've considered doing another is something with larger colour runs such as Noro to see if that would accent the design.


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