Wednesday 29 July 2015

Broken Sleep

Not opening my email first thing in the morning is working great. I have the 4-14 year old Pullover book written.

Well, so I thought until early this morning. 2am I woke up to this thought: The fronts have to have an even number of stitches so the underarm cast on has to be an even number too, instead of the odd numbers I had to get the sizing I wanted. Can I get the stitch numbers to come out to the same sizes? @&%$. Do I get up? Can I go back to sleep? I finished at 3:30am. All 6 patterns now have better stitch numbers. I'm a happy book writer. ZZZZZ

Now it's time to nail down some of the technical details.
I think this tuck stitch edge to the hood would be easier to work in the round. Is it necessary to keep one of the rolls open so that you can thread a string through?
I wouldn't. Would you?

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  1. I wouldn't bother leaving them open. If the kids you knit for are anything like the ones I knit for, the string is the first thing to go. If the kid doesn't pull it out, it's being cut off because someone tied it in a knot & then pulled on it, chewed it, slimed it or got him/herself hung up on a nail.


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