Thursday 24 December 2015

Deadline is reached

All you Christmas knitters, it's here. I hope tonight you're just sewing in ends and everything is done. All my boot sock knitting went to pre-Christmas December birthdays and although I thought I might do more for the big day, it didn't get done. So I started some socks for myself just because I don't want to panic-knit. I'm so taken with this spiral stripe business I started a new sock in sock yarn. Merry Christmas to me. One sock done.
I started with my bag of odd balls of sock yarn.
I narrowed it down to 4 colours.
Decided to stick with 3 colours: the pinkish variegated, semi-solid purple and green.
Three colours, divide my sock into two sections, front and back of leg and away I go. I'll write this out in a future post. You might find yourself with a few more odd balls in your stash.

Have a wonderful Christmas Everyone,
Deb & Lyn

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  1. Wishing Lyn & Deb a very Merry Christmas!!! t_a in Massachusetts


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